Electric Kick Scooter? No, with

Smoking Module is a smart module to provide light and radio FM for your kick scooter in order to give extra gadget and move during the night 😉

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full immersion ragazza

Do it yourself full immersion

In this guide I will show my personal method of full immersion of study to learn and improve one or more foreign language which I developed during my Erasmus in Malta.

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Benefits of juggling

What is juggling and what are its benefits?
Juggling is a discipline of coordinated manipulation of objects.
Juggling and how to meditate and I am going to explain the reason.

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Sonar Anti-COVID Gadget for Social Distancing

Sonar Anti-COVID detector is an Arduino Gadget which let you measure the right social distancing and prevent infections against Coronavirus.

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Diary of Interrailer: 3 Day – Majestic Prague

My third stop in the majestic Prague during my long Interrail trip across Europe before my arrival to Norway.

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