How did Coronavirus spread in Italy before lockdown?

13 March 2020



How did Coronavirus spread in Italy before lockdown?

What is in Italy really happening to contain Coronavirus?

First of all, I would like to apologize if as Italian, I had underestimated the situation about the spreading of Coronavirus.

For this reason, I want to explain what is really happening to contain this pandemic in Italy.

But before let me resume what happens and what we had done to try figuring out this big trouble.

What is in Italy really happening to contain Coronavirus?
The current situation in Italy of 13th March 2020 reported by National Civil Protection

Some consideration to read data…

You have to consider in Italy we have a different way to consider the measure of a pandemic.

Our health system checks the status of illness of a patient using a buffer on people who are affected by some symptoms related to flu or Coronavirus.

In addition, the statistic considers as dead people, elderly people who were affected by other serious pathologies of illness, and a shock event like a breathing crisis due to coronavirus causes the death of the patient.

So NOT only people die for Coronavirus but people with other diseases and who died in addition to the new virus as well.

For this reason, we have more infected cases, because we have another method of counting, more inclusive, and is what of the rest of Europe didn’t use.

The bad communication error was from our government an excess of transparency but the total cases were interpreted as deaths when less of 10% risk the life at the moment.

Our big concern is a possible collapsing of public health service due to the lack of enough hospital beds for intensive therapies because coronavirus causes serious viral pneumonia.

For the recent evolution of the whole situation, the Italian government acts serious restrictions on freedom of movements of citizens with probation in their house, to contain the contamination for the next two weeks.

In this manner, we hope to retire the problem, with the closure of shops, theaters, schools, universities, public events, sports matches, and they will be opened only market for essentials needs of feeds and hospitals.

But why we arrive at this point.

How did everything start in Italy?

I will try to summarize the whole diary containing measures adopted in Italy to contain the spreading of the virus in Italy.

I will try to explain in general what happens because information time by time was not very clear, and it is really hard to investigate back forward all events of this issue.

Anyway let’s start:

The first cases:

So let me resume day by day, what is in Italy really happening to contain Coronavirus?

Italian authorities detected the first affected of Coronavirus on 27th January 2020 an old Chinese couple(67 years old him, 66 years old her) coming from Wuhan(China) who landed at Milano Malpensa Airport with a touristic group.

After a check-up medical test, it was diagnosed in this couple to be infected by Coronavirus, and they moved immediately to Spallanzani Hospital, in Rome on the advanced place for treatments of viral illness.

The 30th of January 2020, prime minister Mr.Giuseppe Conte, he announced publicly the presence of the first two infected people in our country, and he starts to contain the other tourists belonging at the same group of a Chinese couple, and he disposes of the quarantine for people where were in contact with them.

In 31st January 2020, Prime Minister declares a National Emergency for Coronavirus

When the news arrives in other European countries and overseas, we were considered immediately as spreaders of the virus, when in the truth we are the victims of a problem born previously in China.

What happens in February 2020 to manage Coronavirus?

Now I want to explain to you step by step what kind of measures were adopted to contain the virus, and why your country and you must change your attitude and habits to avoid the spreading of the virus.

The 3rd of February 2020

Italian Government starts the protocol of National Civil Protection to create an operative system of nationwide level of protection by Coronavirus, with the first 5 million Euros to active the plan of health security.

The 8th February 2020

It was called back Italians who were in Wuhan province with airplane service of Foreign Italian Ministry of 13 Italians and other foreign tourists, and at the same time with airport controls of 140 thousand passengers.

Until the 15th February 2020

Italian authorities controlled over 1,5 million passengers in the national and international airports.

On the 18th of February 2020

There was the case of Italians’ tourists locked in Diamond Princess Ship’s Cruise, so the day after they went back to our by national institutional flight.

On 20th February 2020

Were controlled almost 2 million passengers in the airport.

On 24th February 2020

Something changed, and we assisted at daily counting of infected victims of Coronavirus, with information disclosed by our National Civil Protection Organization, with total positive cases of 229 people.

A small town called Codogno was closed and put in quarantine for suspicious cases and then confirmed as positive cases of Coronavirus.

Prime minister declare that area and other towns around in Red Zone, and isolated military from the rest of Lombardy Region, to most affected geographical area with major cases of infected

On 25th February

The case of people positive to the test of Coronavirus is 322 people.

Keep in mind, people in critical situations are around 10% so almost thirty cases until 25th February 2020, 90% others were almost without symptoms and it never risks almost anything for their life.

The problem can be represented if people with a Coronavirus in the body could be a vehicle of transfer of the illness for people with a low immunity system.

On 26th February 2020

We started to take off with the epidemic and overcome threshold of 400 positive people.

On 27th February 2020

We arrived at 650 people infected.

Governor of Lombardy Region, in north Italy, was infected with Coronavirus, and he keeps himself in auto quarantine for two weeks and the whole Regional counsel.

On the 28th February 2020

On this day the cases were 821 people.

On 29th February 2020

We overcome the threshold of 1046 people positive of test of Coronavirus.

The 1st of March 2020

We lost the control and Coronavirus spread with the double speed of the day before with 1577 positive cases.

The 2nd of March 2020

There is a lack of updating information in the national official website of Civil Protection, so data were reported the day after.

The 3nd of March 2020

We arrived at 2263 positive cases, but you should consider, in general, to analyze all buffer test, it is required at least 24 hours to receive a response from the laboratories of Spallanzani Hospital, where are controlled in Rome.

So it is sometimes some delay to receive all data for comparing the health conditions of Italy.

On the 4th of March 2020

It was diagnosed by 2706 citizens positive to Coronavirus.

Prime Minister decide by ministerial temporary law to close all schools, universities, theaters in the whole country, as an extension of a previous decision of Government of 23rd of February to close public place controlled of the Italian State in North Italy.

And for first time in the Italian Republic was experimented a huge experiment of smart working for civil servants and private companies employees of administrative and It sector.

On the 5th of March 2020

On this day we counted 3296 positive cases.

On the 6th of March 2020

Other almost 700 new cases, and we have 3916 positive people.

During this small-time window, some Italian celebrities and another couple of Regional governors remained infected of Coronavirus as Governor of Piedmont and Lazio Region and some journalists and television introducers.

On the 7th of March 2020

The spreading went over 5 thousand people infected.

Prime Minister Mr. Giuseppe Conte took another courage decision, and on request of the local governor, decide to close the boundaries of Lombardy Region, the most infected zone of Italy.

A panic attack of population, push them to take instinct decision to escape of many south Italian citizens who live and work in Milan, the major hub of work of the nation.

In fact, we assist a huge crowd of people who run downstairs in the central railway station of Milan City, how you can see in this video.

The Escape from Milan after the announcement of Prime Minister to close the Lombardy Region

After the assault of the last train, 15.000 Italians escape down in south Italy, and they were contributing to the spreading of contamination of Coronavirus.

Afterward, there was a fast run to go shopping all products of first necessity how it seems to be in the world war when the Government assures the correct works supply chain of food for everybody.

It seems to watch in some scenes of far west movies.

A governor of the southern region has threatened of fugitives to be under arrest in case they never go the day before to signal their presence to the police authorities and respect the period of auto quarantine in order to avoid infecting other people.

On 8th of March 2020

There were other infected with a total of 6387 people positive to the Virus.

Meanwhile, it seems 11 thousand people who escape from Milan on 7th March 2020, they had declared their arrival, and they collaborate to contain the emergency staying at their place of residence.

On 9th of March 2020

With 7985 infected people in the Italian peninsula.

Prime minister in another public message to the Nation declares Italy will become orange zone, and there will be introduced restrictions for bars and restaurants and it will be necessary to use certification available and downloaded from the Interior Ministry website to justify your movements in the territories of the Italian State.

In case you will be found by police outside your home without valid reasons reported by the law you can be arrested and pay a penalty for violation of the emergency of Coronavirus.

Very incredible, it seems to live in a state of police as the world of 1984 book of George Orwell.

On 10th March 2020

Other 8514 cases of infected people in Italy.

On 11th March 2020

After the announcement of OMS to consider Coronavirus as a pandemic and 10590 infected people, Prime Minister Conte declare Italy a “Red Zone”.

The new government law closes all activities, shops, private companies (except factory for steelworkers), airways companies, restaurants, hairdressers and other activities not essentials of surviving Italian citizens.

They maintained all previous restrictions, and with the special plan of national budget, there will be a refurbishment of the Italian welfare state.

In fact, now the government is planning a series of unemployment assurance for all people who lost the job for the forced quarantine.

Mr. Conte nominated a special commissioner to manage the emergency surgical operation together with the collaboration of the Head of National Civil Protection.

In fact, we have only one private company specialized for the production of lungs’ respiratory, the owner let available his company to the Italian army, because there are 25 soldiers work an inline chain of productions.

Unfortunately, it seems by Italian media the other country in Europe don’t want to sell medical technical machines for intensive therapies, so only China is helping us after they solve their first crisis

From 11th to nowadays

Today we have over 17 thousand people positive to Coronavirus, but we will have a peak within the next three weeks in Italy, so it is important to suspend the Schengen agreement and stop to move, otherwise, it will arrive the army to lock you at home in your country as well.

So I need your collaboration to win this war against an invisible enemy.

Where is Europe in these all sequences of events?


I have impression we are abandoned.

After a weak announcement of President of UE commission to emphasize with us, almost anything was done by the European Parliament.

To be honest, we are completely ignored, and we wait a long response to receive economic support to overcome the health emergency.

We are the first country hit by the pandemic, and the only support received was from the Chinese population which provides to us surgical masks, pulmonary respirators for intensive care due to coronavirus fulminate lung infections, and Chinese medical experts support.

corona virus medical delegation
Photo credit:

I saw a total indifference and underestimate of a serious problem like this.

These are the great priorities of Eurogroup of public health in the continent.

eurogroup agenda coronavirus

How you can notice, in top edge of never be aware about the serious problem you are living.

Italian Government locked of international agreements initially planned a budget of 3,7 billion Euros (at the beginning of February was only 5 million), and then was increased to 7 billion of Europe after a meeting with opposition parties in the Italian Parliament.

After consultation with the EU commission, we receive the permit to do more debit and unlock 25 billion of Europe in order to close the Italian State.

Anyway UE commission pretends to sign the MES agreement to sacrifice our Italian economy blended by the crisis of Coronavirus meanwhile we fall down in a black hole without bottom and catastrophic side effects which will damage our country.

In addition, 12th March 2020, Miss Christine Lagarde during a public conference she told as President of European Central Bank never be available to support Italian economy, and her declaration pull down stock exchange market and burn 68 billions of money, and our Republic President was very angry and ask solidarity from EU and members of institutions.

Very touchless in this delicate moment where people in some hospital had never access to intensive treatment, and we are running with reduce speed with our economy and many people start losing their job.

How do Italians live emergency?

infermiera corona virus stanca
Photo credit:×492@Corriere-Web-Sezioni.jpg

I am speaking to you as a private Italian citizen who lives in the current situation.

I can tell you there is much concern of the Coronavirus, we are everything in probation at the moment, and we keep in touch by social, many celebrities are organizing online concerts to support populations.

In 45 days of the beginning of emergency, we lost our freedom in short time to win this battle until the 3rd of April, but maybe restrictions will be extended again, because the public health system is really stressed and it can collapse from a moment to another.

Many people are very available to follow the rules of Italian authorities, but I confess is a bit heavy to spend all day at home, without getting a walk in a public park because everything is closed, except supermarket, chemistry, and hospital.

There is as well a bit of psychosis, with people who run immediately to buy food and collect products at home in case of emergency, but there is no valid reason.

I read and I saw people are still traveling in Europe without to be aware of the risk of this virus can cause, and the exponential increase of infected, and they don’t know they must NOT come in Italy because you risk being arrested if you don’t have a valid reason of work, healing treatment o buy food.

So please, stay at home, and never move without a valid and extreme reason to get out of your home, whenever you live in Europe.

We never play, it is no joke, it is the truth!

Please let met to spread this story faster than Coronavirus, before Coronavirus catch you.

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