Diabolo Throw Calculator

30 January 2020



Diabolo Throw Calculator

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Try to guess the height of my Diabolo’s Throw?

In this video, I got an approximate height of throwing of 12 meters, really far from Guinness World Record of 23 meters, but I am working to overcome it. 😉

How to calculate the height of your Diabolo Shot?

If you are curious to know what is your personal record of Diablo’s Throw or you wish to challenge your friends in juggling competitions, this tool can help you to calculate the height of this Chinese Yo-yo.

The aim of the Diabolo height calculator is to solve this issue.

How does Diabolo Throw Calculator work?

Ask for your friend to use the Diabolo Calculator for you, in order to measure your Diabolo Shot, meanwhile you will find to overcome your personal world record.

  • Start: Press start when Diabolo leaves the string;
  • Stop: Press stop when Diablo will be caught, maybe yes o maybe not !;
  • Reset: To measure again your Diabolo shot.

The height of your Diabolo was of:

What will be your Diabolo Trow?

If you do more of twelve meters you will overcome my personal record, but if you will go over twenty-three meters you could be the new world champion of Diabolo's shot.

Are you ready to accept this challenge?

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