Dojo Philosophy

10 December 2019



Dojo Philosophy

Who is the author of this Blog

Hi, I am Riccardo Schifaudo, Author of “Digital Shinobi Traveler”.

I am a Traveler, a Diablo Juggler, interested in Electronic Prototyping, Blogger and Activist.

Digital Shinobi Traveler – The Shinobi Arts of Eccentricity” is presented as a sort of “Virtual Dojo“, based on a concept of martial arts training building from eastern Japan.

What is Shinobi?

The term “Shinobi” refers to the meaning of the Ninja Master, or a “warrior of the shadow” according to the historical description.

The Ninja was considered a strategist in the art of espionage, a master of disguise and a connoisseur of survival techniques, allowing him to make the most of every situation during his missions.

What topics are mainly covered?

In my Blog, I trace in part the philosophical aspect of this historical figure, in which I share my travel experiences, my professional knowledge as a web developer, I promote alternative educational methods, references of relaxation/visualization techniques, esotericism, but also by considerations and personal anecdotes.

With the term “Digital Ninjutsu“, I try to explain how to apply some technological tricks inspired by this philosophy of life.

In the “Alternative Learning” section I also provide ideas for finding ways and opportunities for study, non-formal education, curiosity about methods and approaches to learning knowledge both in the academic, professional and personal fields.

Who is this project aimed at?

The project is mainly aimed at students, young people, lovers of unconventional travel but also to all those with a certain open-mindedness and critical sense.

The “Blog Dojo” wants to have an international value, therefore part of the teachings will be disseminated both in Italian and English because the site is bilingual.

Those interested in undertaking “Digital Shinobi Traveler” will be able to try their hand at the studies of the “Virtual Dojo” and become a true “Digital Ninja“.