Energizers for theater workshops

17 February 2020


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Energizers for theater workshops

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Description of Energizers for theater workshops

These Energizers for theater workshops were developed during my training course in Erasmus plus project in Portugal.

Spelling with gestures

The Spelling with gestures is an exercise of attention and imitation, and it consists of to make a circle

Afterward, each member of the circle starts to spell their own name using a combo of coordinate gestures.

Participants must repeat and perform all combo gestures of all participants who introduce themselves previously and then to add their own spelled name with the motion of the body.

It will continue in this manner until the end of each participant introduce themselves.

Find the leader!

Find the leader is a game made on the circle, and it is alike the game of “Guess Who”.

One participant will get out of the circle and isolate from the rest of the group.

In this way, members who remained in the Circle can decide who will be the leader/motion provider guiding them in mimics motion sequences of gestures.

So, it will be decided who is the “motion provider” unbeknownst to the “victim”

The “motion provider” will start the sequence of movements which it changes time by time, and members must imitate him.

The player in the middle of Circle has to guess who is the motion provider that controls other participants.

If the player finds the leader, the leader swope its role with him and the game repeats four times.


The exercise of the mirror consists of to imitate movements of “motion provider” in order to replicate the same gestures in a soft or extreme manner.

You can be adding an opposite movement changing your feeling expression of happiness, fear, anger or sadness.

You can utilize the variation of mirrors’ chain, it means, each “motion provider” open their hands in order to create a T, where “other motion providers” try mirroring themselves as puppets in front of a mirror.

The “Master”, give orders with movements and successively they will be imitated by people close to him.

Other motion providers, can change afterward gesture received in other forms of movements to other people below their control.

Flip the blanket

Lay a blanket on the floor, and ask all participants to get on group avoiding to overcame its borders.

Without speaking to each other, participants will try to flip the blanket on the other side improvising a strategy to solve the task required.

After the first attempt of a duration of 2-3 minutes, stop the game and you give one minute to the participants to organize another strategy let them speak to each other.

Afterward, participants will try again to flip the blanket without getting out of its perimeter.

Clapper in the circle

The aim of this game is to pass an invisible ball with a clap of your hands to other players in a circle with the following commands:

  • Swip = Pass to right;
  • Swap = Pass to left;
  • Boing = Bounce the invisible ball to the previous owner;
  • Zoom = Throw the invisible ball over the circle.

Who wrong to call the command or break the chain of passing the invisible ball, it goes out of the circle and it will be eliminated of the game.

The last two players challenge in a duel, where a judge will call a random command and the first who shot it will be the winner.

After training, do you want to organize some workshops for theater?

  1. Workshop of Non-verbal communication;
  2. How to do Team Building;
  3. Exercise of Public Speaking;
  4. The activity of Intercultural Learning;
  5. Game Role of Social Inclusion.

Erasmus plus theater improvisation in Portugal

If you wish to get furthermore details of “Act Out of The Box” project visit the Facebook Page.


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