5 Gadgets for Interrail

24 February 2020



5 Gadgets for Interrail

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A good Shinobi must be a good planner during his missions, so here a top 5 list of travel gadgets for Interrail.

A small kit to use in case of emergency as well.

These are gadgets which I bring with me and I can not leave at home.

Let me give you some tips on what to have with you in order to be ready for a trip 😉

The solar power bank

solar power bank for interrail trip

This gadget was really helpful during my Interrail trip in Norway.

While I was spending my time wandering during my explorations, it was not always possible to plug my phone on the socket and recharge it.

So power bank save me to continue to use my phone as navigator thanks to my friend Google

Universal socket adapter

Unfortunately, if you travel abroad, you could be inevitable to find different power sockets.

To have with you a universal adapter can save in difficult situations especially if you need to recharge your electronic devices.

5 Gadgets for Interrail
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Look how many kinds of power sockets you can find all around the world.

With this Chinese tool, you will be able to recharge all devices at the same time, and there are also USB Sockets.

What does it mean to travel without a socket adapter? Here my experience!

My first time in London, I only cared about to achieve my Sim card to call at home, but I was completely absent-minded to forget buying a socket adapter.

So when at last had found an electronic shop, the seller sold me the most expensive socket adapter due to my concern to be almost with phone battery off.

For this reason, a travel socket adapter is a fully permanent tool for my travel kit.

Purse coins

purse for coins

It will be helpful when you want to store your little copper coins without to waste them in your pockets or to be annoyed while you are looking for them in your wallet 😉



Really simple but really amazing to keep all cards in order, and it is a safe way to protect your credit cards, id card, passkey for hostels’ doors or tickets for transports or museums.

Wet wipes – The Italian Bidet

Wet wipes

Who knows something of Italian style, in our bathroom, exist a small sink used to hygienic purposes as a bidet.

For us, it is very essentials for our habits, but in case you can not find a shower, wet wipes can save you from critical situations.

Don’t forget it 😉

An Extra Gadget: Selfie Stick

selfie stick

Non dimenticare il tuo selfie stick per immortalare i tuoi fantastici momenti di viaggio.

Don’t forget your selfie stick to take pictures of your amazing moments of the trip!

I wish you to have a nice trip because it never existed good or worst weather unless you have a good or worst equipment 😉

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