Google is your friend!

24 December 2019



Google is your friend!

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The ecosystem of Google’s World!

Google is a well-known multi-nationwide web company, and it changes our lives thanks to their own fantastic digital tools.

In exchange for our personal details, it gives us an ecosystem of free applications.

What does Google offer to you?

Let me show you the huge empire of Google give us freely, and how it can be your best friend to simplify your life!

google play

Google Play

This is easy! It is the access point to download all mobile applications included the own apps.

google drive

Google Drive

I found out this amazing suite when I had started my studies at the Interaction Design Academy.

Basically it is a cloud platform, a kind of virtual storage where you can save documents and multimedia. In addition, it provides a system o sub-applications alike Office suite, but this is developed by Google.

Thank this application you can create text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, generate PDF files, and it is fully compatible with Microsoft Office either to create and to read files on Google Drive and the opposite.

Do you have the habit to work with local files in your PC?

I would suggest you and I deeply recommend you to use Google Drive during your daily life at work or private life, in order to avoid losing your documents in case of technical issues. In fact, thanks to automatic updating you will be able to access whenever you want just with a simple internet connection.

Google is your friend!

Google Calendar

If you wish to have an online agenda, Google offers to you the opportunity to schedule your appointments and your personal and professional activities.

Google is your friend!

Google Trends

Google Trend let to browse web search about upwards’ keywords looked for by users.

This tool might be helpful in case you have to write SEO-friendly contents, so these will be easy findable during a web search.

google wallet

Google Wallet

Google can manage your money as well!

This application was the electronic wallet where to manage your payments’ methods for in-app purchases on Google Play Store, afterward, it was dismissed cause the release of Google Pay

It was possible to manage to send and to receive money by the app.

google hangouts

Google Hangouts

Google offers a version of an application for video calling and instant messaging using VOIP.

google assistant

Google Assistant

Do you mind when Google activate suddenly the microphone from the web search bar without asking anything?

That is Google Assistant, and his purpose should be to simplify your activities with a vocal search.

This feature gives you full access to Google functionality without typing on the keyboard.

From researching route and pathway on Maps unto the text translations and phone book contacts.

Invoke it with an “Ok Google”, Then it will ask for “What do you need?”, so you will try asking for something, and at the ending, it replies you back “I don’t understand!”, long life to Artificial Intelligence 😀

google analytics

Google Analytics

This application helps you with analytical statistics about the traffic of users who visits a website, how many times enter on it, which pages they come across during navigation

An ideal solution for bloggers and e-commerce for evaluating the selling of products and to improve user experience on the website.



Google lets you open your blog without necessary buy a hosting domain site and no installation of a content management system.

Just a simple Gmail account and you will be capable to set your layout provided by Google and to start writing content.

Google is your friend!

Google Maps

I always bless it, how many times it saved me and I avoided losing myself without its support. Who is nostalgic about route maps depicted on paper could be found a benefit using this GPS navigator.

In addition, this application can simulate alternative routes in real-time, and it suggests which transports to use during your journey.

Google Earth

Google Earth

Do you want to see the world with satellite vision?

If you wish to have an idea around the place you would like visiting or the bottom of the oceans.

google photos

Google Photos

Do you want to save holidays’ pictures?

Luckily, Google can back it up to your images into their cloud servers.

Geo-localization is able to save your images in based points of interests you are visiting on during your holidays, and with your permission, it collects photos as introduction photo cover for guiding tours.

Google News

Google News

Fresh news from all over the world, in your palm hand.

Google is a journal as well!

google classroom

Google Classroom

This service helps schools and universities to disclose materials for lessons and to plan assignments and tests for exams.

Of course, this web portal aims to simplify teaching processes with e-learning in order to follow and teach online lessons.

Google is your friend!

Google Trips/Travel

I loved so much this tool, but then Google decided to substitute it with new Google Travel.

It’s perfect if you wish planning what to see and where to go during your trips.

It provides better points of interest such as museums, monuments and walking tour guides.

With this tool, I planned my Eurail trip.

It will become your favorite virtual tourist guide.

Google is your friend!

Google Translate

If you need translations, you can do a copy and paste of your mother tongue text in the text area and it will provide what you wish.

Google Translate can recognize unknown languages with a simple taking picture by your phone with a dedicated app as well.

Google is your friend!


An operating system became the most famous in the smartphone world, and it was born from a part of Linux System, it had been bought by Google this startup project.

Google wanted to have a guarantee of surviving in the smartphone device world, so it decided to consider Android as an operating system for mobile devices.

In fact, the ecosystem of Google Applications is perfectly integrated on it, and let you recover all data when you will change your smartphone.

In addition, thanks to Android Studio you will be able to develop a mobile application for this operating system.

Google is your friend!

Google Play Music

The music player of Google for listening to music and create your custom playlist.

google play games

Google Play Games

If you are keen on online video games, there is a dedicated platform where to keep tracking in real-time game statistics together with your friends.

Google is your friend!

Google Play Books

Do you love reading?

Do you want to switch from paper reading to digital reading?

Google offers you an E-Book reading where it is possible to download digital catalogs, books, and audio books, to read whenever you want.

Google is your friend!

Google Play Movies

It is the Netflix version of Google if you want watching shows or rented films.

There is this option if you wish.

Google is your friend!

Google MyBusiness

Do you mind when you are looking for a restaurant where to eat or to check the opening and closing hours of a shop?

Google MyBusiness, help you to create a page profile to promote and describe a company and let your customers find you on a web search.

Google is your friend!

Google Search Console

Would you like to know if your website was indexed?

Put the link in the search field to figure out!

Google is your friend!

Google Surveys

Compare to traditional Google Forms, with this version is possible to realize professional surveys to investigate on demo graphical target user.

Helpful for marketing campaigning.

Google is your friend!

Google Pagespeed

Do you think the website you are visiting on is too slow?

Let Google analyze it with the copy and paste the URL in the input text!

Google is your friend!

Google Chrome

The excellent browser in my point of view!

You can use it for browsing and surf on the internet, but to develop a website as well.

It is a very flexible and powerful browser and you can extend functionalities thanks to browser extensions.

How to achieve everything?

Just with a simple email account on Gmail:

Google is your friend!

Google Mail (Gmail)

It is the passport to access to this majestic world of services.

From Gmail, you can control your phone if you have a smartphone with Android or access freely in base your needs.

But it is not finished yet…

Google offers furthermore services, some are to pay, for instance, services to support a company.

I was focused on less-known applications, while between famous apps there is YouTube was bought in 2006.

Would you like to know more?

Here is where you might give a glance to figure out the right solution on Google World!


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