How to become your own HR?

20 December 2019


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How to become your own HR?

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Have you ever seen yourself in a situation where certainty for a job suddenly vanishes?

Let me explain this better, and I will talk about my story when I was in Malta and the reason why I decided to do an internship project abroad, which is a 360° experience.

When I arrived in Malta for the European mobility project, it was granted lodging and food, an English language course and the possibility to start a professional experience in a Maltese company.

At the end of the three weeks intensive English course, in preparation for the beginning of the professional opportunity, there was a problem.

We do not know where to send you?!?

Well, yes, because of an organization and communication problem, the company to whom I was assigned with two other project colleagues, they thought we were not necessary for their company needs.

What to do to unlock this hitch?

As a good Shinobi, I resorted to the Digital Ninjutsu’s arts to find a new opportunity for myself.

I have traveled for almost 1200 km and I wanted to value my experience abroad.

I used one of the Ninja disguise art and I became a Human resources manager. 😀

Using the reverse approach of Interaction Design, I became a head hunter, selecting IT companies.

As a web developer, the work was easy, and despite the difficulties, it was relatively easy.

In two weeks I got a new collocation.

How did I do it?

Digital Ninja plan of action in the job search.

My new job search was mainly concentrated in three steps:

  • Desk research: Internet search of potential companies or job vacancies aligned with my skills and competences;
  • Email marketing: sending emails with a brief personal presentation, the reason I wrote to them and what I could offer to them;
  • Linkedin search: you should use it as a personal and professional presentation and to strengthen the previous points.

Phase 1 – Browsing research

browsing research
You should use all the search engines to find job vacancies.

The Desk Research or simply “table research”, it is a simple research of job positions, the ones you may be interested and the ones your experience is aligned with.

The purpose of the research in all search engines is for finding a list of emails, potential employers or Human resources to send your job application.

With this research, you can understand if the job vacancies are available through means of transport and have an idea about the kind of reality to face.

Phase 2 – A contact with the job realities via email

gmail account

In this phase, I chose the email, but you can also choose a direct contact, introducing yourself to the job place and try to talk with the responsible.

In this way, you can skip the “introductory interview”, which is required before a technical trial or practice.

One of my flatmates in Malta often used this approach, while he was looking for a stable job in order to settle on the island once the project was over.

I suggest you, thanks to my personal experience, to always send an email, it does not cost anything but it is really valuable.

First of all, because the email allows you to understand if the company is interested o hiring you and secondly because it is easier to have a formal interview so that you can be prepared and make a good impression.

This is an example of the format I have used for my research:

Good morning,
I am Riccardo Schifaudo, a student of ENGLISH SCHOOL’S NAME AND ADDRESS.
I am involved in European’s project of Erasmus +, I am writing to you because I would like to apply for a position as a web developer. I have worked in this field for almost three years and now I am looking for a company interested in an internship program of 2 months until the ending of November 2018. I worked as a PHP full-stack developer for three years. I would like to know if you are available to accept me in your company. If you are interested you could contact me by email or LinkedIn.
In that case, I will give the contacts of my school and you will be able to talk with Mr. NAME AND SURNAME OF TRAINEESHIP MENTOR, the Business Development Executive for an internship’s agreement.
Thanks for the opportunity
Kind Regards
Riccardo Schifaudo.

Even if I did not have a high level in English, I tried my best.

I sent the email to sixteen potential companies and four replied.

The first one asked me if I was interested to work as a freelance.

The second told me they were looking for people with more experience.

The third company, I found out It was the provider of CRM software of my English School by a coincidence, and the Human resources assistant asked his boss but in the end, they told me they were not looking for employees.

The fourth and last replied saying they were interested in my profile as a UX Designer and Web Developer, so the fact that I studied in Interaction Design Academy rewarded me.

Phase 3 – Use of LinkedIn

Blessed Reid Hoffman because he invented LinkedIn

How to become your own HR?

This a very versatile and powerful instrument, it can give you unexpected surprises, I had my first job thanks to this job social network.

Without it, the two cited methods would be really weak but when combined, they can have a very explosive power!

Why should you use LinkedIn?

This portal allows you to create a very professional profile if you can use it to the fullest.

You can directly search for the company profile or to the recruiters, the job you are interested in and to understand how the company works.

You will understand how are the employees and since when they are working and their responsibilities.

You will also have the chance thanks to the replies to the emails, using the second search method, to request to be followed by the person that answered you.

Why this?

Not always the Human resource managers are available in their profiles, and to avoid the LinkedIn block, it is requested a real knowledge of a contact.

Thanks to email marketing, you can unlock the control of this social, using the email address you got as an answer from the recipient.

Personal considerations.

In reality, I used this method on other occasions, both when I was at school as a student and also when I, for the first time, was looking for a job.

Sometimes the unexpected is inevitable, so you should be the author of your destiny.

Don’t take anything for granted, there are other job channels of research but this personal method, in general, has helped me and I hope this can be inspirational.

Now you have Ninja Digital new instruments to untangle in the professional world.

Remember that the job should not be searched, it should be attracted or created, as I am trying to do with perseverance and patience in this project.

I wish you good luck for your professional research and good training.

Translated by: Dora Gharbi

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