How to see Aura with technique of Candle!

12 December 2019


tecnica della candela

How to see Aura with technique of Candle!

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What is the Aura energy is?

Ninjas have been considered “Shadow Warriors” capable to do stunning action and develop almost paranormal abilities.

After I explained how to create a mind shield, today I am going to teach you a simple technique in order to develop the peripherical vision and learn how to see Aura energy.

But what exactly Aura is?

Aura, based on parapsychology doctrine, is a kind of energetic halo which surrounds the whole body of human being o animal or objects as well.

From a scientific point of view, Aura is a slight magnetic field produced by bioelectrical current and heat, and it represents a vibrational molecular state of a body or object.

How to see Aura? The Technique of Candle!

In this lesson, today I am going to explain “the technique of candle“.

Basically this exercise consists of to ignite a flame of a small candle and put it in front of you.

Afterward, you have to stare the flame without to lose the glance, until you feel the need weeping and you see tears on your eyes.

When you will arrive at the point you can not maintain the staring, let your eyes rest for a couple of minutes.

Then restart again to stare the candle’s flame, with awareness and attention, watching all lights shades and visualizing its lighting halo around the cone.

Proceed with this exercise for half an hour per day for at least one month.

A human being sees objects with central ocular vision, but to visualize energetical auric field is necessary to develop a peripherical vision, and this exercise is helpful for you.

After you finished to practice this method, try to observe the borders of your hand on a white surface or wall to simplify the vision of the auric field.

Try to experiment and enjoy yourself!

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