How to write rapidly your thesis and be more productive in the office?

2 January 2020


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How to write rapidly your thesis and be more productive in the office?

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When I worked as a web developer in Malta I was very surprised about the ability of Thomas, my Maltese colleague to write rapidly on the keyboard.

What is his secret?

I asked him how was it possible his ability to write so fast without leave fingers from the keyboard?!?

This method of “Digital Ninjutsu” lets him write over ninety words per minute without watching the keyboard and in the darkness!

In addition, he told me he does not to be capable write faster compare to some time ago, because he was out of fit, otherwise he could be able to write almost 120 words per minute.

Anyway, the medium average of typing of normal people is between 35 and 42 words per minute is based on analytical research.

What are the principles of fast typing?

First of all, you should consider that each QWERTY keyboard (from the first six letters on the side of the keyboard) has two marked letters with a dash on char F and J.

These small indicators were introduced to help blinded people to write on a keyboard because are not able to read chars.

The second principle is based on equal symmetry of functionalities of main command buttons such as ALT, MAISC, and CTRL, more the combo of shortcuts.

The third principle consists of the typing of fingers spitting tasks into two sections on the keyboard.

Start your typing training on “How to Type”

How to write rapidly your thesis and be more productive in the office?
The online typing training of How to Type

What “How to Type” is?

This online editor, it available on, and you can train here if you wish to increase your skills of typing with an American keyboard.

This site provides your typing speed in words per minute and it shows the texts of example in order to improve your performances on digital writing with the keyboard.


This editor works with the principles are mentioned previously.

You can train on Capital letters, lower case letters, punctuation and special chars.

With the three filters, you can decide the length of texts and level of difficulty.

My experience with “How to Type”

For sure, I don’t become as fast as Thomas, because he took at least five months of regular exercise.

The training is very personal, and it depends on your learning curve and your attitude, but with a minimum of fifty hours of exercise, you could see some improvements.

My personal record is of 52-58 words per minute on easy texts with difficulty below the level one.

Now you can become a real digital ninja to write your reports in the office or complete your thesis for university exams.

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