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Infuso di tisana alle erbe

Master Reiki’s herb tea

During my lessons with my Master Reiki, one fine day after a short afternoon break, he proposed to me to drink a digestive herbal tea. As a herbal expert, he taught me an infusion of herbal tea, due to its beneficial and digestive properties. Prepare a small pot of water and bring it to a […]

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Testa del budda luminoso

The Technique of Light Ball for Introspection

How to find the answers for your future inside you!

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tecnica della candela

How to see Aura with technique of Candle!

Technique of candle for learning how to see aura and auric field energy around body.

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tecnica cascate per rilassamento mentale

The waterfall technique to relax your mind

The waterfall technique is a small exercise to relax your mind when you feel stressed. A Shinobi need for mental peace when he must carry on own missions. After I explained the mind shield technique, a Ninja must have a clear mind in order to proceed in daily life without stress. This exercise is really […]

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