Interflix, the Flixbus version of Interrail

16 January 2020



Interflix, the Flixbus version of Interrail

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My friends always ask me the same question about how to travel in Interrail in different way in case if you are over 26 years old because the cost of a Pass it could be very expensive.

I think they are right because the Interrail trip changed my way of travelling, so after quick research thanks to my friend Google, I figured out a solution for them.

Interflix, the bus version of Interrail by Filxbus!

Traveling by train has its charm, but the economical budget aspect plays a fundamental role to plan a trip!

Who doesn’t know it, Flixbus is a well-know low-cost bus company founded in Germany in 2011, and its headquarter is in Munich.

I used Flixbus several times during my trips around Europe, in general, is enough reliable on short and medium-distance-journey, but you could find some logistic issues for going back home from time to time on long distance-journey.

The company generally offers a good service Wi-Fi included managing at least messaging service 😀

The user experience of traveling with this company can change in based on which local company of Flixbus franchising manages the transfer that kind of route.

From different options of the travel packages are offered by the company, there is one called “Interflix“.

How does Interflix work?

Interflix, the Flixbus version of Interrail

This travel package consent you to travel on five routes are served by the Flixbus company with a symbolical price of 99 Euros, and after the purchasing, you will receive five promotional codes with three months of validity after the first activation two days later of buying.


Some considerations about traveling by bus!

I know friends of mine, they usually travel by bus, but in the end, the transfers are limited compare to move by train, because there are few buses stops, so you can’t get off whenever you want, and you could lose the magic of this kind of experience which Interrail’s pass offers.

During my Interrail, I used twice the Flixbus service to came back from Oslo to Copenhagen, and when I was there I had waited for the whole day the bus exchange for going to Amsterdam.

Practically I spent two days sleeping on the bus, and I saved my money as an alternative to my life in a hostel.

Is it better to move by train or by bus?

It depends on because this question could have different answers!

Anyway, it depends on if do you want to travel to big cities/ European capitals, or enjoy your journey around the countryside?

When I traveled thanks to Interrail program, it was 2017, and I remind it was not possible to use the Interrail’s pass to go to the Baltic’s Republics by train, and moving by bus was the only option possible, afterward, I suppose the service has been improved nowadays.

Of course, traveling by train offer you more flexibility compared to the five bus tickets of Flixbus, however, I understand the people’s point of view who want to avoid spending 200-300 euros of trains’ tickets.

If you have already a clear idea of where to go for a short holiday, Flixbus’ pass will be a suitable solution, but if you wish to live a slow trip surrounded by nature, I will suggest for sure to buy an Interrail’s pass, in order to be completely free to improve your adventure.

Everybody I have to find an ideal travel style in harmony with own soul, so I wish you to have a nice trip!

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