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17 February 2020



Interflix to Trieste

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My Interflix to Trieste, the alternative option of Interrail

Why don’t you travel in Interrail or Interflix to Trieste?

I used Flixbus to move from Turin to the City of Bora, and I moved by bus to visit the countries on the boundaries.

During my easter holidays in 2017, I chose for a series of hikes out of the cities, as my trip to Porto Venere, when I visited the “Cinque Terre

My destination was Trieste, a nice harbor city on the extreme northwest of Italy, in a bay between the boundary of Croatia and Slovenia.

How to arrive at Trieste in Shinobi Traveler Style?

To arrive in Trieste from Turin, I used Flixbus service with Interflix ticket, as middle training to be ready for My Planned Interrail Trip in Norway.

What to do the first time in Trieste?

Breakfast in Trieste, where Joyce and Svevo place of life

Trieste is well-known for the huge presence of old coffee shops of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire of 1800

Here I was in “Caffè degli Specchi”, one of few coffee shops of that age is still alive, where famous writers as Italo Svevo and James Joyes spent their life during their breakfast.

You can find this place in the city center, in Piazza dell’Unità (Square of Unity), one of the huge squares in Europe.

Map to move from Central Railway Station of Trieste to Caffè degli Specchi


What to see in Trieste?

Basically Trieste was an ancient Roman settlement, then after several historical events were absorbed in the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, it becomes a “free” neutral city after the second world war in the fifties.

This City was influenced by different historical styles, with Roman urbanity, a Liberty’s Style of 1900 and mixed cooking between Slovenian and North Italian meals.

Some of famous attractions are:

Piazza dell’Unità

This is the main square of Trieste.

Walking in the harbor

The view of Trieste Harbor
The view of Trieste Harbor

You can find the Harbor in front of Piazza dell’Unità.

Ancient Roman Theater

Interflix to Trieste

Santa Maria Maggiore,
the Church on Top of Hill

Interflix to Trieste

This church is on the top of a small hill in the city, and you can enjoy the stunning landscape with a small walking tour unto the “Castello di San Giusto” (Saint Giusto’s Castle) and the same time to watch a majestic view of the bay from “Parco della Rimembranza” (Remembrance’s Park).


What can you see in San Giusto Castle?

You are finally in San Giusto where you can admire this landscape…

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  • Interflix to Trieste
  • Interflix to Trieste
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  • Interflix to Trieste

Inside into the Castle, there is the weapons museum as well if you are interested in it.

A Digital Shinobi Traveler should figure out about military force of the enemy during their travel missions. 😀

Weapons museum of Trieste Italy
Inside the weapons museum

You can inquire further more details on the official website.


Revoltella’s Museum

Revoltella Museum in Trieste

This is the civic museum of the city, in honor of Baron Pasquale Revoltella, Benefactor of Trieste, where is preserved his own personal collection of paintings and his personal effects, and about his interest in Egypt and Suez Canal.


A jump to Villa Opicina to watch Trieste from the top!

If you wish to admire Trieste at the sunset, from the perspective of the Obelisk of Villa Opicina, you can see the brightest view.

To arrive there you can get on the historical Tram that starts from Piazza Orberdan (Oberdan Square), but when I went there, this vehicle was broken, I don’t know if it was fixed or it is still on maintenance.

Anyway, you can take the bus route 02/ which it takes 20 minutes to arrive at the destination of Obelisk, or alternatively bus 04 and travel with an absurd tour of at least 30-40 minutes around the hills.

Bus route 02/ in direction of Villa Opicina

Visit a Corner of Paradise, in Miramare Marine Reserve

It is really amazing marine park with a beautiful view of the white castle and turquoise sea just eight km away from Trieste.

  • Miramare castle in Trieste
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  • Interflix to Trieste
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  • Interflix to Trieste

How can you arrive at this “Corner of Paradise”?

In the truth, after you arrive here, you will never want to leave, however, to get around you will need bus tickets if you don’t want to be stuck with the transport to go back to your accommodation.

You must buy a bus ticket in each direction before to arrive here because I have never found any ticket seller point in the marine reserve.

In fact, I was forced to ask a passerby if he can sell me his extra bus tickets because I don’t have anymore with me.

Afterward, I found out it was possible to book the bus ticket by SMS!

Now the public transport company of Trieste provides an online service for selling bus tickets on “MyCircero” or the official App of the Official Bus Company.


Other curiosities of this city?

The city is famous for the Bora, the wind blowing from the north-east on average at 150 km / h but also reaching 220 km / h.

Who lives in Trieste are forced to take out car insurance against natural disasters.

There are some points of support as handles in case of need in order not to be surprised by the wind and avoid being pushed away.

Trieste also boasts the longest-lived city rate in Italy due to the presence of an elderly population but also offset by vibrant university life.

It is also not rare to meet students who live in Trieste, but they study at the University of Ljubljana, in Slovenia.

In fact, the University which is just ninety minutes by car from the city, with which there are strong historical relationships.

Another interesting curiosity for a visit and I regret not having been there, it is a tour of Grotta Gigante, one of the largest underground karst caves in Europe.


Trieste, the City of Bora’s Wind

Trieste it seems pretty and small, but it can offer you more!

What I showed to you, it was just a couple of days of traveling.

If you are a Ninja of travel planning it remains a strategical point for a small daily journey in Venice and in Croatia or Ljubljana in Slovenia.

Next time you will plan a trip, consider this place 😉

I wish you to have a nice trip! 🙂

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