Diary of Interrailer: 1 Day – Bernina Express

30 March 2020


Photo by Alessandro Prato on Unsplash

Diary of Interrailer: 1 Day – Bernina Express

Hi Interrailers, I am Ricky, an Italian traveler, and this is my first story of my long journey across Europe of Diary of Interrailer.

I am going to show all steps of my Interrail trip I made in August 2017, in order to let to live a part of my experience and suggest some inspirations to plan your future trip on rails.

Day 1

Where to go?

From Italy:

Turin – Milan – Tirano

To Switzerland:


How to move?

From Turin to Milan




From Milan to Tirano


From Tirano to Chur


Retica Railways (Bernina Express)

Where to sleep?

In my case, I slept on train.

Ok, let’s start!

How I told in previous stories, my Interrail took 23 days, but you can recheck my previous story here:

My Inter rail trip from North Italy to North Europe and what is an Interrail?

I left Italy on 5th of August, after my break of office and at the beginning of my holidays.

So I took three months to organize my plans for traveling and I woke up in early morning to get on train of Turin Porta Susa and arrive in Milan Central Station.

Unfortunately, Milan is the main transport center for getting out abroad in Italy, and major airports and railways traffic pass there.

Riccardo Schifaudo in Interrail
Me during my waiting in a crowded Milan Central railway station

I moved from Turin using High-Speed Train of Italo, and I arrived in Milan in almost one hour, and afterwards I went to Tirano using Trenord train which it took over two hours before to arrive at the Swiss boundaries.

Diary of Interrailer: 1 Day - Bernina Express
Riccardo Schifaudo waited for Bernina Express

With Interrail Pass I spent only 19 Euros three years ago instead of 90 Euros for normal train ticket of Retica Railways three years ago.

My tour started from Tirano in Lombardy to Chur in Switzerland.

These are landscapes view you can admire from windows of Bernina Express:

White Lake Switzerland
White Lake alongside the rail of Bernina Express
Diary of Interrailer: 1 Day - Bernina Express
Lush landscape along the journey

After over three hours of travel by train, I arrived in Chur and I did a long break of 5-6 hours before to get on the night train for Budapest in direction of Wien, the next step of my trip.

Diary of Interrailer: 1 Day - Bernina Express

Meanwhile, I was waiting for my exchange I had dinner in kind of mini-market where I eat butter bretzel with espresso coffee during a rainy day.

I waited until evening the arrival of my night train, when it arrived I was immediately controlled on board from railway police who ask me documents and my destination.

After the control, I started my hunting to find a reservation on the train, but it was fully booked and at the end, I found only this majestic place where I spent my beautiful night, trying to rest.

Diary of Interrailer: 1 Day - Bernina Express

It was a long journey, with many stops across Austria, many passengers come and went out, and they were interrupted my nap, after nine hours of night train I arrived at last in Wien and I concluded my first day of travel.

My first day of took 1 hour of high-speed train from Turin to Milan two hours and 30 minutes from Milan to Tirano, and the ending 3-4 hours from Tirano to Chur before arriving in Wien after ten hours of overnight journey.

Diary of Interrailer: 1 Day - Bernina Express

See you for the next episode of my Interrailer Diary 😉

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