Diary of Interrailer: 2 Day – Royal Wien

31 March 2020



Diary of Interrailer: 2 Day – Royal Wien

Hi traveler, I am Ricky, an Italian traveler, for my second step of my long journey across Europe of Diary of Interrailer, I want to tell how I spent my three days on Wien between 6th to 8th of August 2017.

Day 2 to 4

Where to go?

From Switzerland:


To Austria:

Wien Central Station

How to move?

From Switzerland to Austria:



Where to sleep?

I slept and I spent my days my day in Wobats Hostel of Wien (The Place), one of major hostel chains of Europe.

Espacially in Wien there are two wombats hostels, but I chose the one far away from the city center and I took a lot of time to find it during a rainy day.

So I will give you the maps with the route if you’re interested to book a room there from the Wien Central Station to Wombats Hostel.



Anyway, I think these hostels are well-equipped with every kind of comfort, in this hostel where I was I had found a small pub as well and games room, so, for this reason, I like the life in a hostel.

Riccardo Schifaudo in Wombats Hostel of Wien
Me during a rainy day in Wombat Hostel in Wien

My first day in Wien

Meanwhile, I was waiting for the ending of rain I spent my time to rest after a night without to sleep on board of overnight train.

In the evening I had dinner in a restaurant close to hostel, when you get out of the main entrance, turn o right and after the corner, turn again to right and you should find the resturant called “Der Hannes” where I ate this delicious Goulash of Wien, on suggestion of the barman of hostel.

Diary of Interrailer: 2 Day – Royal Wien

Here you can find furthermore details on Der Hannes on TripAdvisor.

If you wish to know more about my food porn collection, you will give a glance to my Travel Food of Shinobi 😉

The second day in Wien

The day after my arrival in Wien, it was finally a sunny day, so I decided to join on walking-guide tour with other guests of hostel and this amazing local guide who was taken lent of a safari 😀

Diary of Interrailer: 2 Day – Royal Wien

By the way, after a couple of hours with her, half of participants escaped bored and annoyed, and me too, I decided on a tour alone for the main attractions of the city.

Riccardo Schifaudo close to national library of Wien

Meanwhile, I was walking I found the majestic royal gardens, and they look like pretty lush and flower landscapes.

After the view of Royal Gardens, I had wandered for Wiener Staatsoper, the famous theater opened in 1869.

Diary of Interrailer: 2 Day – Royal Wien

I remained outdoor, so I get lost so much of its history, but it is very beautiful outside as well.

Diary of Interrailer: 2 Day – Royal Wien
San Michel’s Wing –  Hofburg Palace where you can find Imperial Treasury

I know is a place where there are museums where they are collected Imperial Treasury but I don’t have time to visit anything, due long queues and I prefer to wander for the city and enjoy good vibes of the day.

The third day in Wien

I don’t do so much, because that day I had an appointment with my ex-colleague of my office before leaving the city for another step of my Interrail trip.

Wien Parliament
I small jump to Wien Parliament

So after my three days stop in Wien it is time to start again for the next destination: Prague!

wien hauptbahnhof

See you at my next stop to Prague in Czech Republic my dear interrailer 😉

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