Diary of Interrailer: 3 Day – Majestic Prague

2 April 2020



Diary of Interrailer: 3 Day – Majestic Prague

How are you my dear Interrailers, I am Riccardo, an Italian traveler, for the third step of my trip to Europe, here another story of my Diary of Interrailer from 8th to 12th of August 2017.

Days 4 to 7

Where to go?

From Austria:

Wien Central

To Czech Republic:


(passing from Bratislava and Brno)

How to move?

From Austria to Czench Republic:


OBB Railjet

Where to sleep?

I spent my 3-4 days in a nice hostel in the old town of Prague, where I met new friends and create a small group to visit the city.

I booked on Downtown Hostel, a pretty place really close to main attraction of city.


Travel steps

When I left Italy I travelled for:

  • 150km by train from Turin to Milan with Italo train;
  • 160km by train from Milan Central Railway station to Tirano with Trenord;
  • 140km from Tirano in North Italy to Chur in Switzerland with Bernina Express( Swiss Red Train)
  • 700km approximately with an overnight train from Sargans( after 20 minutes of train from Chur) to Wien Central;
  • 340km with Rail jet train from Wien Central to Prague Central.

So I crossed almost 1500km on rail from my home to Prague my actual destination.

My Arrival in Prague

So here what I did during my break in this majestic city, with Bohemian style.

National theater of Prague

So the first thing I did, it was to look for something to eat, so I opted for sugar for my blood, and I decide to eat a typical sweet of Prague: The TRDLO.

trdlo, a prague sweet or spit cake

It is a kind of rolled spit cake with hole, filled with cream with flavour you wish, and cover with sugar-white powder and cooked on a flame or oven. you must definitely taste it.

After my little snack time, I felt still exhausted but I started my search my hostel in the old town. I try to ask for some piece of information to some pedestrian but, they seem they weren’t available to guide me on the right indication.

At the ending, only a young woman support me to look for the right way of the main road, where there were some building sites in the area, and there I found my hostel.

Diary of Interrailer: 3 Day – Majestic Prague
Living room of Downtown Hostel of Prague

I like so much this place because it is pretty and informal there is a context of family, in this hostel, I played in the evening to bear pong and I watched a puppet show performed by one member of the hostel’s staff who is a biking guide as well.

My first day in Prague on free wandering

Here I was in the park on island of Moldava river, you can go there with an elevator at the bottom of bridge, with the view of National Theater.

In fact, here there is a pathway where you can walk alongside the river and go jogging as well.

moldava river park

Anyway I continued to walk in the city and I visited the main attraction of Prague.

After the park of Moldava River, I came across in Carlo Bridge and I felt immediately like Van Helsing, in fact, Prague was one of the countries where was filmed the movie.

A long climb of Castle hill

Then I proceed walking along the top of the hill because I wanted to visit the Castle of Prague, it was a bit long but the view is really beautiful.

Here is what I found inside the garden in the castle…

At the end of the first day, I went back to the hostel to prepare me for evening.

That evening I met my new friend in Prague, and we teamed up together to explore the city.

Second day in Prague

On my second day, I met a group of Brazilian guys, because I joined of bike tour service offered by the hostel, and we visit the city by bike.

I was really surprised how much green fields there are in Prague, but good vibes of the environment, and I saw many elderly people who live full of energy running with roller blades on bikes’ circuits of public parks in August summer.

In fact, after a small browsing search on the web, I found out, Prague is one great road available for bikes after Holland.

public park of majestic prague

During our bike tour with me and the other three Brazilian guys to tell jokes to each other about our countries, we went again to the city center passing from the Dancing House, maybe one of strange building I saw in my life, it seems a drunken tower.

Dancing House Prague
The Dancing House behind of me

My third day in Prague

During my third day, I met other friends in Downtown Hostel: Daniel an English boy and Larissa, a Brazilian teacher.

Together with them, we decide to visit the John Lennon colorful wall, well-know in Prague as a symbol of freedom of second world war, and there are a lot of people who take a selfie.

john lennon wall in the majestic prague
John Lennon Wall as symbol of freedom

This wall is always full of people, so it will be better if you go in early morning to take a picture.

For lunch we went to look for a kind of Italian restaurant because my friend s ask me to eat something typical of Italian meal, so we ate typical Pasta with Pesto.

After lunchtime meanwhile we are walking close to the hostel district near to the river, we rented a pedal boat for short cruise of half an hour of Moldova river.

If I remember well I think we paid ten euros per person, and it could be a nice option if you travel in group.

After finish of pedal boat cruise, we bought Trdlo and we visit Apple museum to give our greeting to Steve Jobs…

What to see again?

I think Prague offers a lot of things to see, I will show you shortly what to watch if you are considering to spend some of your spare time there.

These were events of my experience of traveling in my four days in Prague, so I wish you good night and see you again on my next stop 😉

Diary of Interrailer: 3 Day – Majestic Prague

Next destination? Berlin in Germany, see you soon there 🙂

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