Why are Italians so addicted to espresso coffee?

27 February 2020



Why are Italians so addicted to espresso coffee?

Why are Italians so addicted to espresso coffee?

Why are Italians so addicted to espresso coffee?

Every time I was abroad I heard this question much time from my foreign friends.

When you will visit for the first time Italy, keep in mind about the habit of Italians to sip coffee.

It is not your typical cup of long coffee that you usually drink.

Generally, Italians love to drink a super concentrate of an extract of caffeine boiled using a metal coffee maker, called “Moka”.

What is “Moka”?

Moka pot was the first model of coffee maker invented by an Italian called Bialetti, the famous man with the mustache depicted in the major part of this invention.

The aim of this invention was to help people to prepare coffee without using the coffee machine.

In other words, without being forced to go to the bar to have a cup of coffee, in order to be free to sip coffee whenever you want at your home.

Why are Italians so addicted to espresso coffee?

Moka is basically composed of two-part:

  • Lower part: It is composed of a chamber of compression of steam, where you put the water locked between the metal bottom and the filter where the coffee powder is laid.
    There is generally a small relief valve on the side.
  • Higher part: After the water starts boiling, the powder coffee fixed between two filters(one below and another on top) release the caffeine will raise up in a small pipe with an escape for liquid.
    Afterward, the coffee will drop in the higher metal container.
boiling cof


Drink coffee is a ritual!

For Italian drink coffee is a ritual, especially for a caffeine-addicted like me.

In fact, without my daily coffee dose, it will be completely impossible to wake me up from my bed.

Every day, millions of Italians start the morning sipping a coffee, an espresso coffee!

What’s else?

Don’t try to remove this habit to an Italian, it could be neurotic 😀

And not drink coffee once a day, but at least twice o three times per day!

We drink more coffee than gasoline engine 😉

How many kinds of versions of coffee drink Italians?

Why are Italians so addicted to espresso coffee of the bar?

If you have the fortune to enter inside an Italian bar, the first time that the barman or waiter is going to ask you is:

“Do you want coffee?” If you are in the morning to have breakfast.

Do you want coffee? If you are at the end of lunch or dinner.

So, it is better you will be ready, because in case of “Yes”, the second question it could be “What kind of coffee do you wish?”

Don’t try to order a coffee in a glass or plastic cup with a stroke, you are in Italy, the only coffee served is Espresso, nothing else, except some exceptions.

We are not (luckily) in Starbucks unless you are in Milan or Turin where I live, and I hope it never expands the business chain, and we are very traditional in this aspect.

You never see an Italian drink a long cold coffee in a plastic cup how you can see in the United States or other countries.

Here a list of variations of coffee you could order:

  • Caffè normale: (Normal Coffee) just a simple espresso coffee;
  • Caffè macchiato:(White Coffee) espresso with a bit of milk;
  • Caffè decaffeinato: (Coffee decaffeinated) espresso light without strong caffeine;
  • Caffè corretto: espresso coffee with a shot of liquor such as grappa or sambuca;
  • Caffè con Panna: espresso with milk ice cream;
  • Caffè del Nonno: (Grandpa coffee) Typical beverage of Naples bar with coffee cream;
  • Caffè Marocchino: Typical especially in my city, Turin, Long Coffee served in a glass with the bottom covered of Nutella.

There are other fifty variations or more, it depends on region, but next time you want to meet Italian friend, or organize a break after lunch or an appointment, you will be prepared and informed why Italians are so coffee addicted 😉

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