Benefits of juggling

8 May 2020



Benefits of juggling

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What is juggling and what are its benefits?

Benefits of juggling

There is also a crucial factor in physical improvement. What are the benefits of juggling that you can benefit from it?

Juggling is a discipline of coordinated manipulation of objects.

These objects are generally balls, clubs, glass balls, circles of various sizes, flower sticks, and not least the Diabolo, in which I specialized.

When a Shinobi has to resort to a disguise, one of the street artist is the one that best suits the situation.

Juggling is not just fun or playful activity to do in your spare time, or as a hobby.

Juggling and how to meditate.

To be honest, we can define the art of jugglers, a real active meditation, and I’ll explain why:

  • Juggling forces you to keep focused on the here and now;
  • Manipulating clubs, balls, balls or Diabolo develops the proprioception of your space;
  • When a juggler manipulates his objects he must pay attention to his safety and the people around his personal space.
  • Performing in public spaces allows you to develop inner calm and maintain coordination when you feel in awe of those who observe you;
  • Learning to master an art of jugglers develops ocular motor coordination, clears the mind from thoughts, improves dexterity, and increases cognitive skills;
  • Learning new numbers or tricks with object manipulation is addicting, it allows you to challenge your personal limits and instills a sense of confidence in your skills;
  • It helps improve both school and work performance because it activates different areas of the brain, both the mathematical logical part and the artistic creative component;
  • it relieves from stress,it allows you to find inner peace and it gives happiness

With an investment of about 20-30 euros, you can buy any juggling kit, depending on the discipline closest to you.

You can take the equipment wherever you want, in a simple way, and practice when you are inspired, whether out in the open in a city park, in the countryside or in a forest.

You can also juggle indoors for example in a theatre, at the gym, at school or
in your room, if you prefer.

To teach juggling as a tool for business growth?

Benefits of juggling for woman
Artistic execution on aerial fabrics

Juggling should be taught and practiced at work to improve employee performance.

Especially when you feel tired from everyday stress and want to find a diversion to clear your mind.

A true dynamic meditation to coordinate mind and body at the same time.

Try to disconnect one of the two elements, and your nose or eye will thank you.

Children and especially your children can get many benefits and improvements in their coordination skills, in developing reasoning and becoming more creative.

The circus performance represents a good time for social gathering, making new acquaintances and allowing you to get involved.

Seeing is believing.

Digital Shinobi Diabolist grappling with Diabolo

A small exhibition of how he learned from self-taught to use the Diabolo with YouTube.

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