Malta and the Public Transport

4 January 2020


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Malta and the Public Transport

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Short history introduction of Malta and the Public Transport

Some considerations about Malta Public Transport.

First of all, Malta is an island, and cause its lands are rocky does not have a subway service or does not offer any railways service after its dismission between the two world wars in 1931.

So, no underground train is available on the Island.

Anyway, it is well served by a huge bus line network which covers almost every corner of this nation.

In addition to private transportation by car or taxi, the predominant services of getting around in the public service are on the road

The historical yellow buses were substituted by the new light green buses of Mercedes, after the nationalization process of the company with the support of the Maltese government in 2014.

In fact, the bus service was previously managed by a group of private companies of the Island and foreign companies before the nationalization.

With the creation of Malta Public Transport“, there was an improvement in quality service compare to the past.

How to move around in Malta?

This company is still growing because of it the only public transport service on the island at the moment.

I remember there are at least one hundred of bus routes, more six transfers airport lines marked with “X” with a progressive number, X1, X1A, X1B, X2, X3, X4 and other two transfers lines marked with TD and progressive number, TD2, TD3, TD10, T13, T14.

These routes marked with “X” serve the major directions of the Island when you will arrive from the Airport.


How you can see, the Maltese bus routes network is very huge and impressive on the Malta Archipelago!

On the site are available two versions of the bus routes’ maps, where you can find furthermore details for easy orienteering with light version and an extended version.


How much does the public transport cost in Malta?

When I went there the first time in 2016, I spent 1,5 Euros on a single travel ticket.

With a single travel bus ticket, you can go everywhere on the island for two hours.

In summer, the bus ticket cost is 2 Euros.


Overnight bus service

In general, the bus service is available until 22.30 (10 PM).

During my internship program, five routes bus were introduced for overnight transport service for each direction in Malta Island.

I used them several times on the weekend when I used to go back home from Paceville, the discotheques district, to Hal Safi where I lived during my mini Erasmus project.

The travel cost is three euros, but if you have the Tallinja card you will be cover!

Overnight transports are available from Friday night to Saturday night.

The route between St. Julian’s to Valletta has frequent service of every twenty or thirty minutes, while based on direction.

In my case on the south, the transport pass frequency is every hour.

After consultation with my Google Friend, it seems there was an improvement in overnight service thanks to the providing of new vehicles and passing frequency.

What I am writing you right now, it is just my personal experience, and probably something will change again in the next six months or more.

Where to buy travel tickets?

If you are not so practical on the Island, the first place where to buy bus tickets is the info point of the Malta International Airport.

Don’t trust service private taxi.

I remember the first time I was in Malta, my Airbnb landlord asked me 25 euros for less of ten kilometers, when I spent less on bus transport.

If you consult the national bus transport company, you will find out how you can save money with a weekly subscription card.

Another place where to buy bus tickets is Bus Central Terminal, close to the main entrance of Valletta city, in a small kiosk near the Triton Fountain.

My personal advice to get around from Malta International Airport to Valletta Capital

If you wish to go to Valletta Capital, after you will be just landed, go to the main entrance.

When you will be there you see a huge parking area, turn on left and go unto a gray building called SkyParks.

There you can find betting companies, gyms, but restaurants for having lunch or dinner as well.

If you continue walking and cross over this building, you will find a bus stop called “Cintra”, where it transits bus route numbers 71 and 73.

These bus routes, in general, are less crowded compared to airport transfers bus, and maybe you could find more space for your luggage.


My personal experience with Malta Public Transport

Basically Public Transport is very cheaper, but it has some critical points.

I hope Maltese people will be comprehensive with me about this topic.

Maltese Transport for sure, it works properly compare to the public transport system of Turin city, the GTT bus company.

The buses are very short, only 12 meters of length, so very limited seats for passengers.

3 Critical issues of Malta and the Public Transport

  • There is a big problem with overcrowding during the rush hours, it due because the bus fleet is undersized compared to the ratio of people/vehicles.
  • Malta is a really popular island thanks to nice weather, and the presence of many low-cost airlines which let people from Europe and all over the world go there.
  • Bus drivers get hired very quickly in a short time, and it sometimes lacks the staff to serve all routes.

My little strange unexpected event

Once it happens I arrived from “Mater DEI”, the central hospital of Malta to the Airport with bus line 218.

The bus driver told me to get down from the bus because it was finished his shift.

Ten minutes later I found again the same person ready to start driving the same bus, but serving another route, the same which let me go back home.

How to approach Malta’s transport is based on your status?

Old malta bus

Maltese’s habits in the using of transports

If you are tourists you will never have problems but if you need to go to your workplace.

It could be a bit complicated because public transport is not always reliable in my point of view.

In fact, a part of students from primary and secondary schools use a system of bus transport managed by private companies to arrive on time in the morning.

A good part of the Maltese population prefers driving the car and spend over one hour for going from Bugibba to Valletta during the rush hour.

In conclusion…

I chose the cover not for a case because it can happen to be in a situation where you could see a crash of a bus and car for the chaotic situation on Maltese roads.

Anyway, I think Maltese transport offers a cheaper service and a good fleet to let easy moving from the countryside to major “cities” of the Island.

At my home, I can only dream to get around at the weekend to have a good time in the main cities with an overnight bus at a good price.

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