Mind Shield

30 November 2019



Mind Shield

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The Shinobi is not only a martial arts master, before physical fighting we have to struggle our daily life mentally.

There are some people in our life called “Energy Vampires” who wish to absorb our mental energies.

Those people might be your relatives, colleagues, friends or your boss, which you can not exclude from your life, and so you are forced to live with them.

For this reason, I would like to teach you a simple visualization technique to prevent their mind attacks.

So, when you feel the need to protect yourself, close your eyes and breath deeply and slowly.

Meanwhile, you are breathing, concentrate your airflow in the belly, and visualize yourself in the darkness, with a violet light come down from your head unto the bottom of your feet.

This violet light with color of Amethyst, it covers all your body, in a kind of egg in order to create a shield with your aura energy.

Try to imagine this light aura egg, with a huge size below your feet, and it reduced on the top of your head.

From the head, a small light column which it arrives from the universe and it irradiates your body.

If you have a small Amethyst crystal, hold it in your left hand, in order to increase your inner energy and to restore yourself.

amethyst crystals

This simple exercise will help you to keep calm your mind, increase synchronicities events, and protect yourself from mental attacks on mental or energetical dimensions.

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