My hobbies during the quarantine

20 March 2020



My hobbies during the quarantine

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My hobbies during the quarantine

In this while of probation at your home, maybe you could be limited in your movements and you are wondering why you are suddenly locked in your house, so let me say how you can spend your time in quarantine with my hobbies.

What I do in my quarantine at home

I want to reveal how you can invest productively your time in this forced break and improve you better all day while you are waiting for the end of quarantine.

Read books

read books

How many books have you left on your shelf?

I am sure you could have some book abandoned somewhere in canteen or an old wardrobe.

Bring it and read it.

When you can’t travel with the body, let your mind to move everywhere.

Trust yourself how your mind can go far more you can imagine, and it let you be happy and it will give you more knowledge useful for your life after quarantine.

Why don’t you learn a new job during this break?

Now you can not move by home, why don’t you spend and invest your spare time to learn how to cook with YouTube online tutorial of confectionery or making bricolage artworks in your garage.

Thank Internet today you can find a lot of video tutorials, guides and tips to create and learn a second job 😉

Now you are at home against your will or with your sense of responsibility, why don’t you invent something like a new job?

Sing on the balcony

I want to give my credit to this mythical boy

In Italy, for instance, were born many independent initiatives of social events to organize flash mobs on the balconies as a form of solidarity and entertainment during the quarantine.

The commentator on Facebook

Boy on Facebook

This my favorites hobby, after my activity of blogger, because I manage social media as well.

Be careful this job of commentator can risk exposing publicly too much and you risk going out of topic, so it is important you write when it will be strictly necessary.

If you are curious to know more about me, follow with a like my Facebook page for travelling, Instagram for juggling with Diabolo and Twitter if you like reading politics and news.


Digital Shinobi Traveler



Digital Shinobi Diabolist



Digital Shinobi Activist


Watch Off-line films

Si lo so, ormai Netflix e Amazon Prime Video la fanno da padrone, però se tutti fossimo online h24 a guardare film in alta definizione e bombardare la rete di contenuti, capisci che prima o poi verrà giù anche internet.

Yes, I know, nowadays there are Netflix and Amazon Prime Video as mainstream providers of TV series and film in high definition, but before or after internet network risk to collapse if everyone spends too much time online.

What about to watch again a film on an old DVD?

Participate in activities on social networks

In my town, for instance, was created a Facebook group to promote remote homemade gym activities for adults and children.

In the morning, there are animations for children and in the afternoon there are dance tutorials.

I make electronic prototypes as Arduino Maker

My hobbies during the quarantine
This a remote USB power supplier recharger for smartphone controlled by Bluetooth.
Energy is supplied by stock battery and converted to 5 Volts for USB socket.

After my studies as UX Designer, I learned how to use Arduino to build my homemade prototypes, so I sometimes dedicate myself to create my inventions using a fast-prototyping kit.

I personally like playing with LED strips, but nothing can be stuck you to invent a buzzer, anti-thief alarm, a game or meteorological station as well.

Here my starting Arduino’s Project:

I want to alert, once you start, it will be a drug addiction for prototyping only in a one-directional way, and you wake up the genius inside you 😉

Juggling indoor with my Diabolo

Diabolo is a Chinese Yo-yo for buskers.

During my quarantine, I am training to improve my coordination and learn new combo sequences of tricks.

It is an interesting hobby and it can help to improve your personality and it offers many benefits of coordination and creativity at the same time.

I hope I inspired you meanwhile we are waiting to go out to do outdoor activities.

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