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full immersion ragazza

Do it yourself full immersion

In this guide I will show my personal method of full immersion of study to learn and improve one or more foreign language which I developed during my Erasmus in Malta.

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studente digita su tastiera

How to write rapidly your thesis and be more productive in the office?

Do you want to write fast on a keyboard? I want to explain how to do with the “Digital Ninjutsu” manner to improve your speed of typing thanks to this tip.

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Google is your friend!

The ecosystem of Google’s World! Google is a well-known multi-nationwide web company, and it changes our lives thanks to their own fantastic digital tools. In exchange for our personal details, it gives us an ecosystem of free applications. What does Google offer to you? Let me show you the huge empire of Google give us […]

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Uomo in giacca e cravatta

How to become your own HR?

Have you ever seen yourself in a situation where certainty for a job suddenly vanishes? Let me explain this better, and I will talk about my story when I was in Malta and the reason why I decided to do an internship project abroad, which is a 360° experience. When I arrived in Malta for […]

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