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Oblique strategies

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The Oblique Strategies as a tool to unlock ideas

The Oblique Strategies is a deck card invented with the aim to support artists and creatives to unlock their ideas thanks to lateral thinking.

The idea was born from Brian Eno together a Peter Schmidt in 1975, and they created a useful tool for those who need to unlock their ideas.

I used this deck card when I studied UX design when I need to look for inspiration for my activities of prototyping.

Virtual version of Oblique Strategies

This virtual deck is a copy of famous cards of Brian Eno, and you can use it whenever you want to remove your creative stuck or the writer’s block.

You should consider this deck was invented by a musician, so some tips it could be with no sense for you, but they are valid in all situations.

Oblique strategies
Inventor Brian Eno

How does oblique strategies deck work?

  • Click the blue-button;
  • Read the sentence of card deck;
  • Give your personal interpretation;

Let the deck inspire you!

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