Diary of Interrailer: 2 Day – Royal Wien

My short diary of what I did during the second to forth day of my Interrail Trip in the Royal Wien.

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Photo by Alessandro Prato on Unsplash

Diary of Interrailer: 1 Day – Bernina Express

My Interrailer’s Diary of First Day of Interrail Trip from Milan Central in Italy to Switzerland with Bernina Express, the Swiss Red Train

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Foto di Kin Li su Unsplash

Oblique strategies

Do you want to ply with digital deck of oblique strategies and unlock creativity with lateral thinking?

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Myths busted of Coronavirus for paranoids in OMS slides

Myths busted unmask of OMS with simple informative slides to inform against fake news of Coronavirus.

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My hobbies during the quarantine

How an Italian boy spend his spare time during a normal day of quarantine in Italy meanwhile he is waiting the end of Coronavirus.

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