How did Coronavirus spread in Italy before lockdown?

How Italy is trying to figure out a solution to contain Coronavirus after restrictions for Italian citizens?

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Why are Italians so addicted to espresso coffee?

If you will visit one day Italy or you know an Italian friend, keep in mind about this typical habit to sip a cup of espresso coffee every day each time of the day, as drug.

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What is a Youth Pass?

It is a certificate of attendance of European mobility with self-evaluation of competence acquired during the experience.

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5 Gadgets for Interrail

My Top 5 List of useful objects if you are planning a trip for interrailing Europe in train and sleep in hostel

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Interflix to Trieste

This is the travel guide of my holidays in Trieste, the City of Bora wind made with Interflix option to discover the cities around it.

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