BracciaLED – Discotheque bracelet with sensor of motion on your wrist!

Do you want to have a beautiful led bracelet which change light effects when you dance just a motion of your wrist with time of sound?
Maybe you could realize a small smart bracelet with Arduino.

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Workshop on Intercultural Learning

How to realize a workshop on Intercultural learning with theater improvisation and games which I learned during my training of Erasmus plus project.

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Shinobi’s Travel Food

Short overview of foods I ate during my trips in Europe during my Interrail and other personal trips.

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Workshop of Non-Verbal Communication

How to realize a small workshop on non-verbal communication using the scout game of Cesar Code?

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team building

Workshop of Team Building

How to realize a small workshop of team building thanks to “Mine Field Game”, for youth working with non-formal education methodologies.

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