porto venere

The Easter Holidays in Porto Venere

Small guide how to organize a small trip of one day to Porto Venere, a small pearl close to Cinque Terre, the marine park of Italy.

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studente digita su tastiera

How to write rapidly your thesis and be more productive in the office?

Do you want to write fast on a keyboard? I want to explain how to do with the “Digital Ninjutsu” manner to improve your speed of typing thanks to this tip.

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Interrail pass

What is an Interrail and why did it change my way of traveling?

Interrail’s overview Have you never thought of traveling and explore Europe without cars or airplanes? An underestimate vehicle, but it can give you the occasion to enjoy a journey by land, so it is the train! In this case, we can have help thanks to Interrail’s Pass The Interrail Pass is a universal travel ticket […]

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Google is your friend!

The ecosystem of Google’s World! Google is a well-known multi-nationwide web company, and it changes our lives thanks to their own fantastic digital tools. In exchange for our personal details, it gives us an ecosystem of free applications. What does Google offer to you? Let me show you the huge empire of Google give us […]

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Infuso di tisana alle erbe

Master Reiki’s herb tea

During my lessons with my Master Reiki, one fine day after a short afternoon break, he proposed to me to drink a digestive herbal tea. As a herbal expert, he taught me an infusion of herbal tea, due to its beneficial and digestive properties. Prepare a small pot of water and bring it to a […]

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