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Myths busted of Coronavirus for paranoids in OMS slides

Myths busted unmask of OMS with simple informative slides to inform against fake news of Coronavirus.

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My hobbies during the quarantine

How an Italian boy spend his spare time during a normal day of quarantine in Italy meanwhile he is waiting the end of Coronavirus.

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How did Coronavirus spread in Italy before lockdown?

How Italy is trying to figure out a solution to contain Coronavirus after restrictions for Italian citizens?

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Why are Italians so addicted to espresso coffee?

If you will visit one day Italy or you know an Italian friend, keep in mind about this typical habit to sip a cup of espresso coffee every day each time of the day, as drug.

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Interflix, the Flixbus version of Interrail

My friends always ask me the same question about how to travel in Interrail in different way in case if you are over 26 years old because the cost of a Pass it could be very expensive. I think they are right because the Interrail trip changed my way of travelling, so after quick research […]

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