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Malta, the Island of Sun, but pray it never rains!

What does it happen in Malta when it rains?
You have to pray it never happens if you don’t want to swim in the flood.

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bus malta

Malta and the Public Transport

How to move in Malta using the bus service of Public Transport in the Island.

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vita di ostello all'aperto

Life in a Hostel

How is the life in hostel? For me really cool, and so I would like to tell my impressions and good rules of behaviour for a joyful experience during your holidays 🙂

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tirocinio all'estero esperienza mobilitĂ  professionale

Why should you be doing an internship abroad and why is it an enriching experience at 360°?

What is an European mobility in general? Why should you live a brief professional experience abroad? I aknowledge that I have always wanted to live abroad because I don’t see professional opportunities and personal growth and meritocracy in Italy. Taking the lead in this kind of experience will, of course, bring you many advantages, either […]

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