Shinobi’s Travel Food

20 January 2020



Shinobi’s Travel Food

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After strong training on martial arts and deep status of meditation, it’s time for the Digital Shinobi to rest and to have lunch.

On requests of some disciples of Virtual Dojo Academy, here you can find a list of “Ninja Diet” had eaten during my trips alongside Europe.

Afterward a quick consulting of Google friend, I found some interesting place where to eat during your adventures 😉

This is my menu’s proposal:

Breakfast is the first meal of the day!

How to begin a healthy breakfast during my life in the hostel.

  • Shinobi's Travel Food
  • Shinobi's Travel Food
  • Shinobi's Travel Food

Then is time of the lunch hour!

Shinobi's Travel Food
Fish&Chips in London

I was from Poppies FISH&CHIPS to Camden Down in London before the historical arson in the district.

If you want to get more information and you wish to taste delicious Fish and Chips meal I suggest it.


Shinobi's Travel Food

This is a Korean meal made with Soy Spaghetti, spicy vegetable, and minced meat and I ate it on Danish Street Food of Copenhagen during my Interrail trip.

Would you like to eat some typical danish food in a cheaper way?

So you should go to Paper Island, which is located close to industrial area, next to Opera House of Copenhagen.


  • Shinobi's Travel Food
  • Shinobi's Travel Food

Now is snack time

Shinobi's Travel Food
Typical Norwegian Fish&Chips

I was in a small restaurant in the Oslo harbor during my interrail trip, and I spend 16 euros for this small portion of breaded fish with chips and mayonnaise.

It is the same place where I found that weird handle with keyboard described previously on the ten weird things I saw during my interrail.

Do you want something sweet?

And for supper time?

And now the last meal of the day, maybe!

I showed you a small overview of meals I ate during my trips between London, South Tirol, Budapest my lovely city and Prague.

Now you know what you need to feed for missions as Digital Ninja.

I wish you to have a nice trip!

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