The Bio of Shinobi Master

My formal education


Web Developer

Before to open this Digital Dojo and to learn The Shinobi Arts of Eccentricity, I had studied Electronics and Telecommunications, and afterward, I studied UX Design.

UX Designer is an interaction designer which it develops the user interface, and he tries out how to figure out a problem thanks to digital tool products such as a mobile or web application or an interactive mockup.

My unformal or unconventional education…

I was a scout member, and I dedicated a part of my life volunteering for twelve years.

During my period of time, I learned how to build camping wooden infrastructures with ropes and what nature offers to organize youth work activities.

Thank my academic education and volunteering, I was keen on political activism as well as to study participation processes, and alternative learning.

The Bio of Shinobi Master


I spent my spare time participating in Erasmus plus projects during my Erasmus life in order to achieve a new point of view of personal growth.

In addition, I organized my trips in Interrail or solo travels during my spare time.

The Bio of Shinobi Master


As a Ninja, master of masking, I learned how to juggle the Diablo, a kind of Chinese Yo-yo, and from time to time I perform with that as a busker.

I hope you will be curious to learn something about this dojo and I wish you to have an enjoyable experience.