The Technique of Light Ball for Introspection

16 December 2019


Testa del budda luminoso

The Technique of Light Ball for Introspection

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A Ninja always does not understand if his actions are aligned with his person.

Over the martial and physical training, he investigates himself and his future choices.

Nevertheless, he is constantly live in here and now, each action he does, he needs to understand himself with deep introspection research.

Now, we should start about the point, we have two kinds of minds, the little mind is the physical mind where there are our ego and our material choices.

In the second mind or great mind is the unconscious part of human beings, where is present our intuition, our deep wishes and where we can find our true inner nature.

To reconnect to ourselves, the ball light technique could be very helpful for you!

How to use the ball’s light technique?

How to use this technique?

Close your yeas and sit on a chair, and secondly start to breathe deeply and slowly.

Imagining seeing over your head the born from the vacuum a small little white ball of light which is spread from a small point until to achieve the size of your brain.

This light ball of white energy is full of love, peace and it with relaxing heat.

Now image this ball slide down, how it sets down, and it will remain behind your head and it is like a halo of a saint.

This light spread in your head and it put your person in a relaxing and serenity status of mind.

Now you can start feeling its energy and to begin asking two or three questions about problems, concerns or doubts about your life which you are not able to find an answer.

Ask for your questions to the ball of light, and analyze your inner feelings without any judgment.

You are working with your unconscious mind, the “great mind” where you are looking for achieving universal knowledge.

If after querying questions you will feel in peace with yourself, so your mind, heart, and spirit are aligned in harmonic manner.

In case you will feel restless or not be tune with yourself, your decision might not be suitable for you.

At the end of your questioning, thank give the light ball for service which it provides to you.

At the point, let the light ball energy rise up over your head unto twenty or thirty centimeters, and visualize it meanwhile it is reducing its size and it is coming back to be a small point of white light and to vanish completely at all in the air.

Now open your eyes again, and you have just released all concerns and doubts, and you will feel in a status of harmony.

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