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Diary of Interrailer: 3 Day – Majestic Prague

My third stop in the majestic Prague during my long Interrail trip across Europe before my arrival to Norway.

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Diary of Interrailer: 2 Day – Royal Wien

My short diary of what I did during the second to forth day of my Interrail Trip in the Royal Wien.

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Photo by Alessandro Prato on Unsplash

Diary of Interrailer: 1 Day – Bernina Express

My Interrailer’s Diary of First Day of Interrail Trip from Milan Central in Italy to Switzerland with Bernina Express, the Swiss Red Train

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5 Gadgets for Interrail

My Top 5 List of useful objects if you are planning a trip for interrailing Europe in train and sleep in hostel

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Interflix to Trieste

This is the travel guide of my holidays in Trieste, the City of Bora wind made with Interflix option to discover the cities around it.

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