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Interflix, the Flixbus version of Interrail

My friends always ask me the same question about how to travel in Interrail in different way in case if you are over 26 years old because the cost of a Pass it could be very expensive. I think they are right because the Interrail trip changed my way of travelling, so after quick research […]

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10 weird things I saw during my Interrail trip

My top 10 list of weird stuffs I saw during my Interrail trip alongside the Europe. Some of them hilarious other very interesting. Do you want to find out more?

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Malta, the Island of Sun, but pray it never rains!

What does it happen in Malta when it rains?
You have to pray it never happens if you don’t want to swim in the flood.

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bus malta

Malta and the Public Transport

How to move in Malta using the bus service of Public Transport in the Island.

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Interrail pass

What is an Interrail and why did it change my way of traveling?

Interrail’s overview Have you never thought of traveling and explore Europe without cars or airplanes? An underestimate vehicle, but it can give you the occasion to enjoy a journey by land, so it is the train! In this case, we can have help thanks to Interrail’s Pass The Interrail Pass is a universal travel ticket […]

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