What is an Interrail and why did it change my way of traveling?

30 December 2019


Interrail pass

What is an Interrail and why did it change my way of traveling?

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Interrail’s overview

Have you never thought of traveling and explore Europe without cars or airplanes?

An underestimate vehicle, but it can give you the occasion to enjoy a journey by land, so it is the train!

In this case, we can have help thanks to Interrail’s Pass

The Interrail Pass is a universal travel ticket with a variable validity which it let you travel on the main railway’s companies of Europe

I lived this experience in August 2017, in full summer season, and I think it was one of the more expensive options that I had used because I had chosen the One-month Global Pass Ticket, the maximum option available at that moment.

Now, thanks to the popularity of this kind of experience, on the official website of Interrail.eu is possible to buy three-months travel tickets.

If you become legal adults, for eighteen birthdays, the European Commission opens an annual selection process to release free Interrail passes for youngsters thanks to Discover EU Program.

What does Interrail Pass include?

On the official website, you can buy the Global Pass if you are interested to travel alongside Europe otherwise, One Country Pass if you will decide to visit only one country.

Obviously will change ranges of price.

This solution was born over forty years ago, in order to let Europeans’ citizens move in UE, and the purpose is to increase cultural knowledge.

With the purchase of Interrail Pass you will receive a package which include:

  1. Pass Interrail
  2. A railway map of Europe
  3. A bracelet of fabric to be recognized during the journey
  4. Small brochure about railways’ info

My travel schedule

My Interrail Trip took twenty-three days, so I decided to buy a Global Pass Ticket of thirty days with the option of travel each day.

My office was closed in August, for this reason, I got three weeks of holidays, and so I had decided to plan this adventure organizing everything in minimal detail three-four months before.

I chose as my destination North Europe, so I started from Turin unto Oslo in Norway, and at the ending, I went back home through Holland and France.

What is an Interrail and why did it change my way of traveling?
This my Interrail route

My Interrail step by step

I started on 5th of August and I came back on 26th August 2017 and there are steps of my journey along three weeks…


  • 5th August: I travel by the train from Turin Porta Susa to Milano Centrale, and afterward I changed for Tirano, in Valtellina. From there I got on the Bernina Express Train, the famous “little red train” for crossing Switzerland unto Chur;
  • 6th of August: In this first step, I took the overnight train from Sargans, in Switzerland in direction of Budapest-Keleti, because I had to arrive in Wien in the early morning;
  • Between 6th to 8th August: I spent my days visiting the city of Wien and the main points of interest;
  • Between 8th to 11th August: I started at early morning from the central train station of Wien and I arrived in the majestic Prague, where I stayed in the old town with the Bohemian style, I visited the Castle and Carlo’s Bridge as well;
  • 11th to 14th August: I was in Berlin, I visited Alexanderplatz, the Bundestag (the Federal German Parliament) and the city center with historical site points;


  • 14th August: I did a fast visit to Hamburg because I was waiting for the train exchange in the afternoon. I remained very enthusiastic of this city, in fact, I would like to visit it again one day, but I decided to plan rigid scheduling for this experience due to catch all trains and avoid to missing them.
  • 14th to 17th August: I was in Copenhagen, where I visited the famous Christiana District, very hippie, Paper Island, a well-known place where to eat street food and the Opera House;
  • Between 17th to 20th August: I was in Stockholm and I visited the Vessel Museum, where it preserved an old huge vessel wrecked during the first inauguration, to Grunoland, a Luna park together group of friends met during my journey in the city and to the Nordic Museum;
  • 20-21st August: I visited Oslo starting from Stockholm, but due to the expensive cost of living I decided to visit rapidly the royal garden in the main avenue in the central city. You must visit the Viking’s ship museum and The Polar Ship Fram Museum, famous for the first transoceanic journey unto the South Pole.


  • Exchange transport between 21th-23th August: When I arrived in Norway was a bit complicated to went back by train and to arrive in Holland. For this reason, I chose to travel by Flixbus with 7 hours of travel to Copenaghen, where I spent the whole day until evening before to travel again for other 9 hours and arriving at the final destination of Amsterdam;
  • Last Step of 23rd-25th August: Visit Van Gogh Museum, where I spent two hours in a queue before I was able to enter inside with the “Amsterdam Museum Card” which I got lost as well and afterward I found out in museum’s secretary, thanks to deep dutch civic sense. I took a small cruise on city canals, I visited Tulips’ Museum, Dam Square, and the School of Life, a school of emotional intelligence.
  • Return home on 26th August: The end of my trip was maybe more critical compared to the rest of plan, because I changed trains in Amsterdam to Bruxelles, from Bruxelles to Paris Gare du Nord, I took the green underground line to arrive in the central station of Paris Gare Du Lyon, and to finish I had traveled on high-speed train unto Turin Porta Susa a longtime for sixteen hours.

How to multiply travel days with Interrail Pass?

In the truth, there are some conditions which let you travel with a long validity ticket but with a few travel days.

The Rule of 7PM: If you get on a train after 19, and you will arrive to your destination after 4 in the morning, the travel day is worth double, so you can use the same ride to travel two days in a row with the opposition of the ticket.

Why am I telling you this?

This little tip lets you for instance to buy an Interrail pass of 7 travel days with a validity of one month, but in the truth thanks to this rule you have until fourteen days of traveling.

So it means you could sleep on train and save money on hostels or hotels, so you can increase your opportunities for traveling.

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