Workshop of Non-Verbal Communication

20 January 2020



Workshop of Non-Verbal Communication

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Short description of the workshops’ purpose

This workshop was developed during my training course in Erasmus plus project in Portugal.

I developed this activity together with other participants to create a game based on non-verbal communication using my previous experience as a scout member.

The purpose of this workshop consists of to be able to communicate in non-verbal communication.

Technical preparation of the workshop



Group size

Four people


One hour


To be able to communicate in non-verbal communication.


Big paper


All participants are divided into groups of 3.

One person from the group has to pick one small paper from a bowl and come to the stage in front of the other 2 group members.

Then starts to improvise the secret word by acting without speaking.

Two members from the group have to guess the word.

After all, words are clear, the audience has to decode one secret sentence, which is under covered by Cesar code.

Debriefing and evaluation

  1. What is communication for you?
  2. Do you feel you were a good communicator? If no, which difficulties did you face?
  3. How did you feel when you couldn’t understand others’ expressions?
  4. When was it difficult to communicate with your partners?
  5. Which other ways of communication did you use while understanding each other?
  6. What is your output from the activity?
  7. How\when did you find your role in the team?
  8. What would you change for the next time?
  9. How are you going to replicate it in your daily life?


  • Use of other words;
  • make people not to be divided into groups;
  • change the difficulty level by limiting body moves.

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