Workshop of Public Speaking

16 February 2020


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Workshop of Public Speaking

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Short description of the Workshop of Public Speaking and its purposes

This Workshop of Public Speaking was developed during my training course in Erasmus plus project in Portugal.

The aim of this small workshop consists of to learn how to speak under pressure and manage your emotions in order to express better your feelings.

Technical preparation of the workshop


Public speaking

Group size

According to the time up to 20 people


One hour


Public speaking under pressure, learning how to deal with stress and manage it.

Show emotions during the speech and share it with
the audience




The participants have 10 minutes to prepare a speech about a topic they are really passionate about.

It can be from being in love to speak about personal experiences, death, life, gender equality and so.

The duration of the speech is up to 2 minutes.

They get divided into pairs.

One person will speak to the audience and the other will sit in the stage, and he will be able to apply some changes to the speech of the teammates.

Those changes can be in emotion (show love, anger, sadness, fear), the volume of the voice, do or not do gesture while speaking and also changing the time of the speech.

Everything has to be communicated with easy and understandable signs and to make the speech fluid only 3 changes.

Debriefing and evaluation

We will dedicate 25% of the time to this part asking a few questions on how participants felt during the activity under stress and how they managed to overcome it.

We will ask what would they change to increase/decrease the pressure and to evaluate the whole experience.


You could change the workshop by not giving time to prepare the speech, and it’s going to be more improvisation oriented.

You can take out the partner and use costumes (like a clown, soldier costume) to stress out the participant.

Attached documents


Workshop of Public Speaking

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