Workshop of Social Inclusion

16 February 2020


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Workshop of Social Inclusion

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Short description of Workshop of Social Inclusion

This Workshop of Social Inclusion was developed during my training course in Erasmus plus project in Portugal.

Technical preparation of the workshop


Social Inclusion

Group size

25-32 participants


50 minutes


To raise awareness about social inclusion thanks to role games.


Papers with roles to assign to participants, loudspeakers.



Give an explanation of this workshop;

Energizer of “Find the Leader”

This game consists of to make a circle, and place in the center a person who has to guess who is the leader which starts the sequences of mimics gestures in the group.

Role game of “Desert Island”

Distribute the roles for the game:

  • Politician;
  • Doctor;
  • Prostitute;
  • Cat;
  • Priest;
  • Child;
  • Teacher;
  • Prisoner;
  • Mother;
  • Plumber;
  • Handy Man;
  • Chef;
  • Old man/woman.
  • Thief;
  • Blind Person;
  • Journalist;

Investigate the role games

Ask for the following questions in order to go deeper into the role.

Each participant will try to reply to themselves mentally in order to set their mindset in the role before to start the game.

  • Did you have a happy childhood?
  • What sort of house did you live in?
  • What does your everyday life look like?
  • Do you have enough money for living?
  • What do you do in your free time?
  • What are you afraid of?
  • What are your dreams?

Start the game of ‘Desert Island’

To form 2 groups according to the color of the papers.

Each participant has a character and to convince the group that he is the one who should be saved by the ship that is coming in the 15 minutes, the others will stay on the desert island.

But there are places only for half of them on the ship.

Those who are chosen to be saved should go to another room where the saving ship is waiting for them.

At the end of the game, do the Energizer to get out of the role.

Debriefing and evaluation

  1. How did you feel during to activity according to your role?
  2. What happened in the group? Did you feel some pressure?
  3. Did everyone have a chance to express his/her own opinion?
  4. Why did you choose certain people over others? Was it based on their social position in society?
  5. What have you learned?
  6. How can you apply this situation in real life?

Attached documents


Act out of the box erasmus plus project of social inclusion

If you wish to get furthermore details of “Act Out of The Box” project visit the Facebook Page.


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