Workshop of Team Building

19 January 2020


team building

Workshop of Team Building

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Short description of the workshop’s purposes

I am going to explain how to develop and accomplish a small workshop of team building helpful for youth working activities or in your company, in order to create trust and cooperation with employers and colleagues.

A game invented by group of participants during my experience of Erasmus Plus Project in Montemor-o-Velho, in Portugal, close to Coimbra.

Technical preparation of the workshop

This game is based on the “Mines’ Field” Game.



Group size

15-30 people


45-60 minutes


  • Giving challenge with reachable goals;
  • Giving space for communication and support;
  • Creating safe space, building trust;
  • Knowing each other the strengths and weaknesses;
  • Social inclusion.


Flip chart paper, normal paper, duct tape and a marker.


The instructors prepare the grid pattern (duct tape) on the floor beforehand.

Each member of the group picks one note with a character that they have to embody while doing the exercise written on it.

The challenge for each member of the group is to walk blindfolded from one side of the grid pattern to the other avoiding the “mines” and the lines of the pattern by listening to the verbal instruction of their peer.

If one participant steps on one of the mines or the tape, the whole group has to start over.

In the beginning, just only the instructor will know where the mines are located, later on, the participants will find out them as well (after stepping on them).

Meanwhile, they have to act according to the character they were given.

Debriefing and evaluation

  1. One word to express how you feel right now;
  2. What made you feel this way?
  3. How did you feel in the roles ( blindfolded/guiding the blindfolded)?
  4. How did you manage to communicate?
  5. Did you have any difficulties (what went well and what went not as well)?
  6. How did it feel to work in your team?
  7. What do you think it is important when being blindfolded/guiding?
  8. What is the most important working as a team?
  9. What would you do differently?


Also, possible to play without portraying the characters.

How to realize the grid of Mines’ Field?

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